What do our customers say?

Here are just a few stories from Quick Capital customers that have used a business cash advance to help grow their business.

Kirsty [ Dalia Cocina ]

“I initially contacted Quick Capital because I was feeling quite snowed under with bills as I’d just started out. I got to the point where I needed to get so... [Read More]

Richard [ The Black Horse ]

 “The money we received from Quick Capital topped up where we were short in what we wanted to invest in and money we received was enough to get us to where w... [Read More]

Carol [ Beachcombers ]

“Last year I decided to refurbish the salon using reclaimed materials, reflecting our ethos as a sustainable, organic and vegan salon, whilst tying in with S... [Read More]

Matthew [ Vine ]

“We initially wanted to use the money to update the exterior of the building and thought that Quick Capital would be the perfect short-term lender. As we wer... [Read More]