It’s easy to boost business cash flow with Quick Capital!
It’s easy to boost business cash flow with Quick Capital!

Carol Mitchell used a cash advance from Quick Capital to boost her business cash flow and invest in some new stock.

Carol opened Beachcombers, a fully organic and vegan-friendly hair salon, in St. Ives four years ago. The tourist hotspot has enabled the salon to grow into a thriving business, with regular local customers, seasonal visitors and brides choosing the town for their wedding celebration. The growing salon has built on their success each year, even achieving finalists status in the Green Salon at the Salon Business Awards 2018.

The seasonality of the salon’s location posed some business cash flow challenges for Carol, until she discovered Quick Capital’s flexible finance solution.

“Last year I decided to refurbish the salon using reclaimed materials, reflecting our ethos as a sustainable, organic and vegan salon, whilst tying in with St Ives’ environmentally aware focus. From then onwards, my business cash flow became quite tight, as I’d mainly funded the project myself.

I had a very small overdraft which was good to fall back on, but I didn’t have access to extra funding to help my business grow. I wanted to start stocking more retail products in the salon but I was hesitant to take out a loan to make the initial purchase. I knew that paying a fixed sum of money back during the winter months, when there is less footfall in St. Ives, would be a too much of a strain on my finances.

I looked online to see if there were any alternative funding options to boost my business cash flow available, and was intrigued by Quick Capital’s solution. My clients often pay using their card, so a funding option that was based on my card turnover sounded ideal.

I spoke to an advisor, and was quickly approved for the funding I wanted. The money was in my account in a matter of days, allowing me to boost my business cash flow and stock up our shelves with retail products.

Quick Capital have really taken the pressure out of managing business cash flow. When my business has a good day more of my advance is paid back, yet during the quieter times my repayment is reduced. It’s so manageable and straight forward, it really has made improving my business simple.”

"After using a cash advance to boost business cash flow, I don’t think I could use another type of business funding again!"