Café J

I received quick business finance by topping up my cash advance!
I received quick business finance by topping up my cash advance!

After a change in career direction, Julie Mountain took over Ilkley-based Café J in 2010, turning it into a popular local restaurant. Topping up her cash advance meant that she could access quick business finance to take advantage of a special offer and transform the café’s outdoor area. Here’s her story.

“I received a flyer advertising Quick Capital, and out of interest I looked to see what they could offer. Small businesses can struggle to get finance, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how straightforward the process was. They had testimonials from companies who were in a similar position to us, and all of them had received quick business finance and found it useful.

We’d had a great December, but January was proving to be quiet, so I decided to take out a Quick Capital cash advance to help with cash flow. The process was simple and fast, and I could borrow enough money to improve our cash flow and purchase new cookers and fridges! It’s easy to manage the repayments, the money is automatically taken from what I’ve earned that day so I never worry about it.

I recently found a limited-time offer on garden furniture that would be perfect for our terrace, but I didn’t have any spare funds to buy them. I called my advisor, and was thrilled to discover that I could receive quick business finance in a matter of days by topping up my cash advance. Our brand-new outdoor seating area now looks amazing, and will help to attract more customers this summer!”

"Cash advances are a great way to access quick business finance, I don’t think enough small businesses know about them!"