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3 reasons why SME’s love Quick Capital’s fast business finance

Taking the steps to apply for business funding can be daunting for many small business owners. You may be unsure of who to turn to, or which type of funding will suit you the best.

Have you considered a cash advance from Quick Capital? Many of the small businesses that we support have let us know they love our service, and they say it’s a really simple and straightforward process, so much so that they barely notice it’s there! Take a look at the top three reasons that our customers love the fast business finance that we provide:

Our simple application

It can seem like banks are making you jump through hoops when applying for a small business loan, requiring detailed business plans and forecasts which can take weeks to prepare. They can also request that you guarantee your funding against business property or possessions. This can lead to multiple trips to the bank, using time which could be spent working on your business. Our application is done over the phone and takes a matter of minutes.

Laurinda Taylor of Bathouse and Soapery

Laurinda Taylor of Bathhouse and Soapery found our application process simple. “We don’t have any credit, overdrafts, or collateral, so it’s difficult to obtain a small business loan due to the strict conditions they apply at the bank.

We didn’t have to jump through hoops with Quick Capital. We made one phone call, emailed across our card processing statements, and 48 hours later we had a decision!”

We make quick decisions

Getting access to fast business finance when your company needs it the most can be difficult, especially when unexpected expenses occur. Banks can take weeks to approve a loan application, with grants taking even longer. Quick Capital make life simpler for small businesses, providing the funding you need in as little as 72 hours.

Nicki Yianni of Lancaster Garagewhy SME’s love Quick Capital’s fast business finance was surprised to discover how fast our service was. When the company needed extra funds, she made one quick phone call and was approved for a top up to her cash advance in just one hour:

“I think Quick Capital’s service is a massive help for independent businesses, it gives us the security we need as we know that we can always top-up quickly if we need emergency funds.”

The flexible repayment process – you’ll barely notice it’s there!

It’s easy to fall behind on business loan repayments, and the consequences can be very costly! When you take out a loan with fixed monthly repayments, you have no way of predicting how your business will perform over the repayment timescale. If you begin to miss these payments, you will start to build up fines and fees very quickly, with the worrying possibility of damage to your credit score.

why SME’s love Quick Capital’s fast business finance

Joy Denton of Fairytale Dresses said: “The fact that the repayments are taken daily means a lot less hassle for me; it’s great that I don’t have to worry about keeping money back to make a large payment once a month!”

With a Quick Capital cash advance, a fixed percentage of your daily card sales is deducted automatically at the end of each day, rising and falling in line with your turnover. If your business has a bad month, you won’t have to struggle to cover a large fixed repayment; whereas if you have a great month you’ll pay back your cash advance even quicker. It typically takes our customers around 6-7 months to repay their cash advance, whilst reaping the benefits of growing their business in the process.

If you think Quick Capital could benefit your business, why not get in touch with one of our friendly advisors today? Contact us on 0800 3777 402 or visit

why SME’s love Quick Capital’s fast business finance


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