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Boost your business cash flow and transform your business


If you want to transform your business throughout 2018, our list of key areas to focus on can help you get started.

Health and wellbeing

A good place to start with any transformation is to make sure that you are healthy –  mentally and physically. As a busy entrepreneur, your health and wellbeing can sometimes take a back seat as you put all your efforts into growing your business, but try to put some time aside to focus on yourself. Small changes such as eating a healthier diet, getting extra sleep and making time to exercise each day will help you to feel better and will sharpen your focus on those important tasks.     

Get organised

Look over any paperwork that is clogging up your cupboards and consider uploading some of this information onto a cloud system. This will help to free some space but will also allow you to access documents easier.

Organise the structure of your day. Does your business run smoothly or do you think you can boost your productivity in certain areas? Making changes to the way your business is run daily can help your employees become more productive and will help you along your transformation journey.

Try something new

Do something that is completely out of your comfort zone and challenges you. Study something that will complement your industry so you can integrate this into your business. For example, if you are a hairdresser think about attending a beauty course so you can offer your customers beauty treatments, or if you are a retail shop look at a marketing course to help with your self-promotion. 

Get in contact with other business owners. This could be a business you want to work with collaboratively or a well-respected local business who can help to raise your profile. A good way of meeting new people who are in a similar industry is by joining a local networking group, search online to see what groups are available near you. 

Consider getting involved with local charities or sponsoring a local event, this can help to raise awareness of your business whilst also helping your community.

Update your technology

Technology is constantly evolving so there are always new tech tools available to help transform your business. This new technology will also improve your customer’s experience of buying from you as well as making your life easier behind the scenes.

Customer service

The best place to find out what your customers actually want is by asking them. Listen to your customer feedback whether this is good or bad. Social media is a free and engaging tool to use to gather your customer’s feedback, via reviews, tags and mentions. Take time to read what your customers are saying about your business to their friends.

Making business improvements based on this information shows that you are listening to your customer’s needs and transforming your business to suit them.

Boost your cash flow

A cash flow boost can help to support your business transformation. A business cash advance is perfect for;

  • boosting business cash flow
  • buying stock to increase sales
  • covering unexpected expenses or bills
  • refurbishments and business improvements
  • new equipment to speed up production

The application for business cash flow is completed over the phone and your funding can be available in as little as three working days.

If you would like to boost business cash flow to transform your business, get in contact with one of our advisors on 0800 3777 402 or visit our website.


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