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How accountants can spread the word about alternative business finance options

Many business leaders see accountants as their go to advisors when considering business finance options. They are swaying more towards accountants for advice due to the fear of speaking to a bank directly and getting turned down for a credit facility.

Many small business owners aren’t aware of the business finance options available to them and are cancelling future expansion plans because they are unable to source enough funding to grow.

Many small businesses are still reluctant to approach alternative business funders simply because they don’t understand the process of obtaining and repaying funding. Business owners are more likely to seek advice from their accountant who have a wider understanding of how these alternative funding products work, and which kind of funding would be most suited to their client’s needs.

The Alternative Business Funding platform includes over 100 different funding products. It was launched to provide a free and easy way for SMEs to simply find business finance options. This is a stepping stone for business owners to begin to educate themselves about other business finance options available to them, and make informed decisions about what will work best for their business.

One business finance option available to UK SMEs is a business cash advance. 

A business cash advance has a quick and easy application without the need for a business plan or forecasts. Quick Capital’s business cash advance offers a short-term business finance option, with flexible repayments that are linked to daily card payments.

As an accountant, you can benefit from partnering with Quick Capital and earn great rewards for introducing your clients to a business cash advance.

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