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Plan your business growth strategy for 2018

The new year is an exciting time to start a fresh and begin preparing your business growth strategy for 2018. You can try and test any new ideas that you have been thinking about implementing into your business and watch them grow throughout the year.

New opportunities

A great business growth strategy to begin with is to consider new opportunities that are available specifically to small businesses and your industry. A starting point could be to focus on technological trends that are available in 2018 to keep your business current. Consider what channels are most effective for campaigns, what have been most effective to you and if there are there any new ones you can try. You can also focus on promoting your business offline to create maximum exposure. Look to see if your business can get involved in or host an event such as trade shows or pop up events.

Cash flow

Cash is crucial for growing a business so starting the year off with a healthy cash flow is an essential business growth strategy. Alternative funding is an easy way for small businesses to access cash quickly, it gives businesses the cashflow boost they need in days. Quick Capital have helped businesses across the UK grow by offering simple business finance, check out their website to see how they can help to kick start your 2018.   

Invest in your team

Employees and customers are the core for helping any business grow, a lot of focus is always on customers but it’s just as important to invest your time in your employees. If part of your business growth strategy is to grow your team, make sure you set some extra time aside to recruit the best people possible. If you don’t have the time to spend searching through candidates think about out sourcing, the extra money spent on this will usually outweigh the standard and experience you will get from your employees.

Give your premises a makeover

The new year is one of the best times to give your business a fresh new look, giving your premises a makeover can help boost your employee’s productivity and attract new customers. If you have a work place that has desks, think about the option of a standing desk. As well as giving your office a modern look it has additional health benefits related to it (it can also help any employees to shed extra pounds from over the festive period). If you work in the restaurant, retail or beauty industry think about updating your area with a new design or expanding it to keep new and existing customers attracted.

Preparing your business growth strategy comes with additional costs, get in contact with one of Quick Capital’s advisors on 0800 3777 402 to see how much funding you can raise to help your business grow throughout 2018.


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