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How to effectively promote your Cyber Monday offers

The buzz of Black Friday is swarming the UK, but is your business effectively promoting its Cyber Monday offers?

Cyber Monday is another popular shopping day that the UK has adopted, it’s the Monday that follows Black Friday offering the best online discount deals.  This year Cyber Monday falls on Monday 27th November.

Cyber Monday gives shoppers who have missed Black Friday, or who prefer to wait and browse online, the opportunity to catch the latest deals. It’s traditionally the first Monday after the final pay day before Christmas. Many businesses noticed a trend that on this day shoppers were going online to start their Christmas shopping.   

Here are our top tips to effectively promote your Cyber Monday offers:

Reach customers through all streams

Utilise all channels to promote your Cyber Monday offers. Many businesses may only focus on one or two channels but research has shown that this could be losing you sales. In 2016, retailers who invested in reaching their customers through all streams - mobile, email and social - saw 30 percent more sales on average than those companies that only invested in one or two streams.

Test your site

It’s important to test your site prior to the day to make sure it can handle an increase in traffic. You don’t want to advertise impressive Cyber Monday offers to then have your customers unable to purchase them. It’s also important to make sure your site is optimized for mobile and tablet as they are driving sales for ecommerce in the UK.

Clearly advertise your sale items

Make sure that as soon as your customers enter your site your sale is clearly visible, don’t hide it away because sales can lead to bulk buying. You can add certain features to your page such as a countdown to grab your customers attention and encourage them to purchase items while they can.

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