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Financing a small business is becoming more difficult for SME owners

Research has shown that more entrepreneurs than ever before are experiencing major issues with financing a small business, with SME owners hit the hardest.

Begbies Traynor’s Red Flag Alert report analysed the financial health of UK businesses, and found that a huge 91% of businesses who reported financial worries at the end of 2016 were small and medium sized companies.

In December 2016, over a quarter of a million British SME owners declared that they were having ‘significant’ financial problems. 23% of these struggling businesses were located in London, an increase of 5% on the previous year.

The findings show the fragility of the UK small business sector, with lack of funding revealed as one of the main reasons for money worries. Financing a small business can be difficult when dealing with fears over poor cash flow, and business growth can be restricted as a result.

The report also highlighted business concerns surrounding the current Brexit discussions, and the effect that this will have on companies. Over a fifth of UK company owners said that they were worried about rising costs following the vote and are now taking a more cautious approach to business development.

Financing a small business is becoming more difficult for SME ownersHow does Quick Capital make financing a small business easier?

A cash advance from Quick Capital can be the answer to many financial worries. Whether your business is struggling to pay a bill, or needs a quick cash injection to buy new stock, Quick Capital can help.

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