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Five Easter ideas to drive sales this spring

We’ve now entered the spring season, and the second biggest holiday period of the year (behind Christmas) is quickly approaching. Easter presents you with a fantastic opportunity to drive sales and win new customers, so we’ve put together a few Easter ideas to help you put a spring into your sales in the lead up to the holidays.

Instore promotions

Simple ideas such as introducing Easter themed promotions and competitions to your business in the lead up to 16thApril can be a great way to increase sales and to target wider audiences. Using Easter themed promotions such as “crack the price” and adding a holiday spin to the décor of your store can be a fun way to visually attract customers to your business. Many people will be out enjoying the long weekend, therefore eye-catching instore promotions and window displays can increase footfall instore. It isn’t only retail companies that can incorporate instore promotions, restaurants and bars could introduce Easter themed deserts or cocktails to the menu at discounted prices.

Clearly advertise your company opening hours

This may seem an obvious tip, but there can often be a lot of uncertainty as to when businesses are open over the holiday and bank holiday periods. Clearly advertising your opening times instore and online in the lead up to the bank holiday can remove any uncertainty from customers, therefore leading to more potential sales instore.

Easter online

The seasonal theme can be adopted online as well as instore, updating the website and branding with an Easter twist can be an eye-catching way to attract customers across all channels. Easter is a great chance for companies to get creative and make their customers “egg-cited” no matter what sector you’re operating in. Alongside this, sending an Easter mailer incorporating the theme can be a great way to reconnect with customers.

Hold a competition

Holding an Easter themed competition through social media can allow your business to connect with existing customers and reach out to a much wider audience. This can be done by asking customers to like and share your company competition post, or to hashtag your company name alongside trending seasonal hashtags. The prize could be a voucher to use within the business, this could increase sales for the business as people with vouchers will be more inclined to spend more on other products. Social media should be an essential marketing technique for any business, it is cost-effective creating maximum exposure with minimal expense.

Host an event

Easter is a great time of year as it highlights the beginning of spring, the lead up to summer and many families will have time off together. Companies such as pubs and restaurants can make the most of high spirits by hosting Easter themed events, such as providing live music instore or organising family days. Other types of businesses can provide free giveaways such as Easter themed sweets or samples to hand out over the weekend.

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