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Kick-start your sales: How to get your business out of a January slump

Now that we’ve settled into 2017 and the buzz of Christmas sales is a distant memory, January can be a gloomy time for small business owners. As we’re drawing to the end of the month, it’s a possibility that sales have declined and you’re experiencing what most retailers refer to as the “January slump”.

So how can you build that momentum back up to kick-start your sales again?

Make a plan and budget for it

Planning ahead give you a chance to review and build on your past successes, and avoid making the same mistakes you made last year. Write down where your business is currently, where you want it to be, and how to get there. Then set some realistic objectives and write down how you’re going to achieve each one of them.

Put more effort into marketing

Advertising a special offer with flyers, newspaper ads, and on social media can be a good way to market your business on a budget. You’ll benefit from engaging people and getting your business noticed, especially in quieter times, if your business is seasonal, for example.

Be clear on who you want to target with your messages to avoid wasting time and money on poor quality leads.

Take steps to expand your business

Why not take advantage of opportunities to expand your small business this year? This may include looking for new products to add to your range or to even offer added value services to your customers, such as an extended warranty or free delivery. In some cases, it may even mean expanding your business to include additional retail outlets, or setting up an online shop through your website to sell your products nationwide!

Expanding your business can be a daunting prospect, especially if business has been slow to start in 2017. Being unable to access necessary funds to put your plans into action can be frustrating for business owners. That’s why alternative finance, such as a business cash advance, can be the ideal solution to raise extra cash if you currently accept card payments either face to face or online.

What is a business cash advance?

A business cash advance is an agreed sum advanced to you against your future credit and debit card turnover. Unlike a small business bank loan, a cash advance offers:

  • A quick and easy application process
  • Flexible repayments
  • Unsecured finance
  • Simple and transparent cost
  • No additional fees for late payments or early settlements
  • 90% approval rate

If your business needs a cash flow boost to kick-start your sales, why not talk to one of our friendly advisors to see how much you can raise? Contact us on 0800 3777 402 or visit


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