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Killer strategies for marketing a small business

Marketing a small business can be a challenge when competing with national companies who have large budgets. Therefore, it is essential to keep your marketing strategy up to date by knowing your customers and audience, staying on top of recent trends and new channels to market.

Here are a few marketing tips to help your business stay successful this year.



Blogging is a trend that many have taken on board when marketing a small business. It is a great way to communicate information to your customers whilst also engaging them and driving traffic to your website. Not to mention, consistently updating your website with fresh content helps towards SEO (search engine optimization), getting your company highly ranked and noticed in relevant searches.

Many companies focus on the frequency of blogs but it is essential to have good quality content which is informative but interesting at the same time. Writing good quality blogs will encourage more website visitors and generate more leads in to your business.

Think Mobile

Mobile browsing has been a main focus for a lot of companies over recent years. If you haven’t yet developed a mobile marketing strategy for your company, you should certainly start to think about it. Statistics have shown that mobile has already overtaken desktop as the main way to access the internet. M-commerce is therefore continuing grow, at Christmas 2016 mobile sales accounted for 42.3% of all purchases made

As a starting point, make sure that you have a mobile responsive website and think about how your customers interact with your site, and what their experience of it is on a mobile device. If users are having a bad experience trying to navigate through your website using their smartphone or tablet, they will leave and most likely never return!

Social Media

You can track your customers’ behavior by analysing their activity and what they engage with on social media. Consider what social media platforms your customers use the most, is it Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? At what time of day are they most likely to engage with these platforms and why? Once you have this information, you can then target your communications around the best time and place to reach your audience.

Remember that your marketing communications must always be eye catching. As many people’s social feeds are getting more full with companies competing for our attention, it is vital that your visuals and content stands out the most.     

Email Marketing

Even with the evolving nature of social media, opt-in email marketing is still an effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects. Make sure that your emails contain a variety of interesting content, link to your blog pages, include tips and tricks and targeted news specific to your customer’s interests. Using email platforms such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor can help you to analyse your email campaigns and decide when the best time is to send emails.

When marketing a small business it is key to continue to develop your strategy and keep communicating with your customers with fresh and exciting content.


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