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Quick Capital launches unlimited referral scheme rewarding existing customers

We appreciate it when our customers spread the word through our referral scheme about how a business cash advance from Quick Capital can help other businesses grow.

If you know of any businesses that would benefit from an instant cash injection, you can simply them to us and be rewarded with up to £50 in Amazon vouchers if they become a customer. The referral scheme is unlimited so you can continue to be rewarded for each successful referral you make.

Some of the ways our customers use a business cash advance are to:

  • Extend their business or make improvements to their interior/exterior
  • Improve the quality of their equipment
  • Invest in additional stock to increase their sales
  • Give their cash flow an added boost to cover unexpected costs

Simply visit with the details of your company and details of the company that you are referring and we will keep you updated with the next steps.


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