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Small business opportunities you don’t want to miss in 2018

The amount of small business opportunities in the UK are endless. If you are looking to implement new ideas a good starting point is to research up and coming trends predicted in your industry, and look at innovative ways of introducing them.

We have listed three small business opportunities for you to consider that can help your business stand out in 2018.


Integrate videos into your marketing campaigns, website and social channels. A recent study by Forbes revealed that 80 per cent of those surveyed in 2017 watch more videos online than they did the year before, and 65 per cent of respondents visit a company’s website after seeing one of their videos. If you want to get your business noticed and to drive traffic to your site, think about creating a video. This could be used to generally inform customers about your business or to advertise a recent campaign or promotion.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to be in the top five investment priorities by 2020 according to NFIB. You can use AI to improve your customer service, integrating an automated chat system on your website can help you to save time and money as your employees can focus on more important tasks.

AI can also help to complete some of the more tedious tasks on your social media channels. There are now AI tools available to help you send out more advanced automated responses on Facebook, tasks such as tagging images and videos can also be completed with the help of AI tools.

Instore experience

With the growth of online shopping, physical shops need to introduce exciting concepts to attract new customers. The opportunities for small businesses are endless, if you only have one store it’s a lot easier and less expensive to change your interior to fit with current trends. People don’t expect the everyday retail environment anymore, they want to be able to interact from the minute they walk through the door. Think about using interactive screens and iPad’s throughout the business and introducing areas for people to relax and have a coffee or snack whilst shopping.

The above small business opportunities will either save or make you more money but implementing these ideas may require some investment. A simple way of raising funds to invest in your business is through a merchant cash advance. Quick Capital provide a flexible merchant cash advance that allows you to access business funding in just a few days. Visit our website or get in contact with one of our advisors on 0800 3777 402 to find out more.  



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