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Running a bar: Top tips to make your local bar a continuous success

When running a bar, it’s essential to keep loyal customers coming back as well as continuously attracting new customers in a highly competitive environment. We’ve put together our top tips to help you make your local bar a success.

Know your customers

Get to know your customers, they are the heart of your bar business. Building a good relationship with your customers makes them feel at home and keeps them coming back. Take time to get to know your regulars’ names and what they order. Adapt your bar’s image to cater to those who live and work in the local area and consider any events that you could get involved in to support your town or city.

Not everyone goes to a bar to drink alcohol, so make sure that you highlight your alternative offerings and run promotions on them. Study your competition and introduce something different, for example, hosting special events or creating an exciting menu if your bar serves food. It’s important to consider dietary requirements by including vegan and gluten free options.

Keep well stocked

Make sure your bar is stocked up and ready for all occasions. You can do this by carefully reviewing your bestselling drink and food options, your busiest times and busiest seasons. Take a look at our key tips to help you overcome the effects of seasonal peaks and troughs.

Take card payments

New research has revealed that six in 10 people in Britain now use contactless, with 71% saying they choose to pay with it more frequently than 12 months ago. If you don’t currently accept cards or your terminals haven’t been updated with the latest contactless technology take a look at Handepay. All their terminals are updated with the latest technology to accept contactless payments and they provide competitive rates.

Spread the word

If your bar is hidden away from high footfall areas, it can be difficult to attract new customers. Social media is a cost-effective place to promote your bar. Make sure that you create pages on a range of social media channels and post regular updates about what you have to offer. Include pictures to show off your bar’s interior or outdoor area if you have one, food, drinks, and customers having fun. Mix it up with lifestyle references that will appeal to your target market and let people know about any special events you are hosting to attract new customers.

Innovative concept

Carry out research to help you understand where your bar fits into the local area and current market. When you have established your place in the market and the customers you are targeting, try to have some fun with your concept. It’s useful to know what type of bars have been successful, but researching upcoming interior and lifestyle trends will keep you one step ahead of your competition. 

You may have an idea for an interesting new concept but if this doesn’t fit in with the local area or the people who live there, it may not be a success. Making continuous updates to your interior and outdoor area will make your bar inviting and will help to hold the interest of your current customers.


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