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Top winter business ideas to kick start 2018

As we approach the end of 2017, we have put together our top winter business ideas to end the year on a high and hit the ground running in 2018. 

December is the month of giving, so why not look at ways to give something back to your customers and employees to continue growing a successful business.

Reward client relationships

If you have had a successful year and would like to thank your key clients for their continuous commitment, think about offering gifts to them. Some great ideas to offer are vouchers, food and drink packages or even discounts/reward cards for your company for the following year.  

Treat your staff

Aside from the usual office Christmas party, maybe you could offer your employees something a little different on top of this.

Every year there are unusual gift ideas trending across social media. If you would like your employees to shout about how much of a great employer you are and tell others how much they enjoy working for your company think of something a little unique. Consider handing out personalised cards, baubles or something related to your industry.

Start planning your cash

The new year brings new opportunities, winter business ideas and lots of financial planning. While some businesses find December one of their busiest months, others may find their business slows down towards the end of the year. If you fall into this category, you can use this time to plan financially for the coming year.

Remember your online self-assessment tax return deadline is 31 January 2018. If you haven’t already, spend time to forecast this into your finances.  

Make sure you have taken into account when bank holidays fall over Christmas and New Year. Be aware of the opening hours of your bank’s local branch to make sure it doesn’t effect expected invoices and direct debits or has any impact to your cash flow.      

We hope our winter business ideas help you to kick start your business in 2018. If you need further help to cover unexpected expenses or simply just to boost your cash flow heading into the new year, Quick Capital can provide a short-term business cash advance. To find out more visit our website or get in touch with one of our advisors on 0800 3777 402. 


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